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The Lake County Amateur Radio Association (LCARA) is a group of dedicated licensed Amateur Radio Operators that foster the advancement of the Amateur Radio hobby. We sponsor a number of activities throughout the year including Field Day, VE Exams, 2 meter and 10 meter nets, ARES and Public service events, and many other Amateur Radio related activities. The Association operates three FM repeater systems that cover all of Lake County, Ohio under the call-sign K8BL.

    Each month we publish a newsletter called The Patch. This publication summarizes club news, activities and contains columns from both members and nonmembers on subjects pertaining to the hobby and general interest.

    The Association meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 19:30. The meeting location is listed on this site and is also announced in The Patch. These meetings allow you to keep updated on club activities, meet new Hams, exchange information, and to get involved with the club's activities and many other aspects of building, operating and maintaining your station.