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LCARA Apparel & Accessories Information and Order Form

   LCARA has partnered with Wayne Tecil at Promotional Printing to embroider items with our club logo (3" diam.). You can add your name and call-sign (1/2" lettering) if desired (see examples below). Use the link to view Alpha-Broder Prime's catalog recommended for selection and quality. There are no shipping charges when ordered using form below.

   Note the item number, description, color and size, then fill out the order form. An order confirmation will be sent to the e-Mail address you provide. Wayne will contact you to review the order and arrange for payment and pick-up. Wayne normally requires a deposit but has generously agreed to do this for us on a COD basis. He does not accept credit cards.

   Items need not be only from ABP. Should you want work done on something else or have any questions, please contact Promotional Printing directly at (440) 354-2193  or   


      Embroidery Pricing:   Logo> $10.00      First Name> $7.00     Call Sign> $7.00

      Payment Terms:  COD ( Cash or check only - NO CREDIT CARDS)


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